My 28th Birthday Weekend Vlog

This birthday was monumental! Not only did I get to spend it with people that I love, some of which I don't often see, but there were incredible surprises by my partner Mae. Staying raw vegan was easy and I felt tremendously loved and supported. I feel younger now that I did when I turned 22! Health is wealth. Enjoy! 

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    I am subscribed to your YouTube channel. It has been live changing for me and my young child to hear and see your videos and meals and to see the variety of foods you can enjoy as a raw vegan. It has really helped to make the transition to veganism easier and a lot more delicious! Your personality is captivating which makes you the only YouTube ever that I have managed to watched all the way through on a video – even more shocking for me I’m actually watching your videos not just the whole way way through but more than once to make sure I didn’t miss anything! Very unlike me! Thank you for your time effort and the addictive love and passion and education that you bring to us in your videos. Your effort has an impact on people’s lives.

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