Going Vegan

Freedom Food Series

Freedom Food is a movement created to represent all facets of the vegan lifestyle; a conscious platform designed to help beginner vegans as well as those interested in raw foods and weight loss. GOING VEGAN is our newest project! I believe one of the single greatest steps we can make towards creating a better world begins with what we choose to put on our plates. This ebook is designed to help transition ANYONE to veganism; regardless of previous dietary choices. Packed with tons of information and 30 comfort food cooked recipes - this book is for everyone. Even if you’re already vegan, having some Soul Food recipes to impress your non-vegan friends and family is always a perk!

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Live With Passion

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I believe that in order to inspire others you must first BE INSPIRED. I have a never ending passion to be healthy, lead by example and chase after my dreams. When I was 16 my life had completely fallen apart due to drug abuse and eating disorders. I gave up on my dream of being a dancer. After 12 years of soul searching in the darkness, what ultimately sparked the change in me was adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle. The domino effect from choosing health changed my ENTIRE reality. I started a YouTube channel, became physically and mentally healthier than ever before and began pursing my dreams of dancing again. Today, I am humbled to be able to share my life with the world. Above all, I hope my story may begin to light that precious spark within you.

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